Special Education Consultations

Educate Parents on the Special Education Process


Education is key, and when you begin the journey through the special education process, we can help!  Whether it is  understanding the acronyms, knowing the legalities behind decisions, or understanding what options are available, we will walk you through it.   We want to provide the education and explanations parents need to navigate the system to become the advocate their child needs.

Areas of consultation include:

  • What is an IEP?  What does all of this mean?
  •  Accommodation vs. Modification.
  • STAAR testing eligibility and accommodations.
  • Functional Behavior Analysis and Behavior Intervention Plans
  • How do I advocate for my child?
  • Goal Writing?  What should I look for?
  • What are related services?  
  • How do I get my child tested?  What is a Full Individual Evaluation?  
  • What is the procedure to receive special education services?
  • And more....

Let us help educate you on the process so you can move forward for the success of your child.