Special Education IEP ARD Meetings

Attend Special Education meetings


Attending ARD meetings for your child can be an emotional and intimidating experience. Parents are crucial members of the ARD Committee, but often the least prepared. Dudley Advocates can accompany parents to IEP, 504, and other Special Education meetings. 

  • We offer an objective, experienced perspective that will ensure your voice is heard. 
  • We will educate and explain the process and plan before and during the meeting  so you can better participate to meet your child's individualized needs. 
  • We will make recommendations as you collaborate with the district to create the individualized plan most appropriate for your child. 
  • We will help interpret your concerns and share them with the district.
  • We will ensure services your child is entitled to and needs are requested.
  • We will rewrite goals and accommodations to submit to the school as needed.
  • We will make professional recommendations with regard to  additional testing.
  • We can guide you in the decision making process to ensure your child's success.